Pictured: Nick Campbell, Eric Vallejo, Nancy Greene, Bernie Litan, Lynn McMurrey, Megan Beppu, Adam Nadow, Mike& Angel Serot, Tom Provenzano, Rene Flores, Brent Shultz, Matt Waters, Daniel Kim (slightly behind Matt), Carlo Morelli, Ben Magallanes (Ben Marquis)

Front Row:  David Bello (Ken's son) and his husband Jim Lira, with their daughter, Jewelianna Bello-Lira, Miranda Scolari (Rich's Niece), Kenneth Gray Scolari, Derek Ishida (Miranda's husband), Amy Scolari (Miranda's sister and Rich's niece), Krystal Ganley (just behind Amy), Tiffany Brain, Ian Felchlin, Annette Duran.


Mary Claire Garcia, J.C. Solis, as well as Steve Ramos and his girlfriend Amber Arnold, arrived later and are not in the photograph.

Steve & Toni Scolari (in Eureka, CA) and Abbe Levin (in Bethesda, Maryland) all called while we were gathered at "The 'R'"

and sent best wishes to all via telephone.

Dawson Scolari sent loving text messages.

Carol & Frank Scolari (Rich's parents), Xeff & Meri Scolari (also in Eureka, CA)

Melissa Scolari and Artemio Armenta (Sacramento, CA)

Travis Riner, Alex Valencia, Richard Sharrah, Simon Vahlne (in Sweden),

Jeff Leatherwood, Rob Morell and his husband Mike Madden (in Albany, New York)

Lani Harris and Tom Langkau and their son Travis (in Orlando, Florida)

David Woodward (Eureka, CA) & the entire Anderson clan (Ken's Family in Northern California)

all sent special regrets that they could not be there. 

There were many others who wanted to be there and could not.