Tom Provenzano, Nancy Greene, Eric Vallejo, Ken, Nick Campbell, Brent Shultz

Brent is a former student of Tom's and has been a guest at the cabin many times, Rich loved him dearly.



Nancy Greene was my secretary and is still the program assistant to the Theatre Department at Glendale College.

She is probably the dearest friend I have.  She loved Rich and gave him one of his most prized possessions, his 101 Dalmatians original artwork cells and sketches mounted and framed together.

Rich truly loved Nancy.


  We all gathered after the thrill of that fantastic Peter Pan ride to remember Rich, who always had to go on that particular ride and who seemed to enjoy it just as much every time and just as much as any child who ever rode the ride!  



  I wore Rich's lanyard to the memorial.  He was so proud of it.  All of his favorite "pin collector" pin were on it and Steve and Amber bought him one more -- a Tinkerbell pin he would have loved -- and we added it as a commemoration of the day.  


The jeweler did a nice job, permanently joining the bands together with titanium, Rich's favorite metal for jewelry.


  Okay, now I'm just going to put this here; a woman named Karen in New Orleans square put her heart and soul into making this sketch based upon the picture on the memorial cards.  It doesn't look much like Rich to any of us, but she was so earnest and sincere, I'm posting it.