I had never had a Blue Hawaiian before, it was very sweet and ended up being very powerful! 

How undignified, to catch me with a drink in hand!  Oh, well, by this time in the day, I needed it.



Annette was one of Rich's favorites, she choreographed What's Wrong with Angry and the two of them chose all the music for that show. 

People still talk about how perfect the musical portion of the show was and how perfectly it complimented the text.



Tom Provenzano, one of our dearest frends, and his partner, Rene.  Tom teaches at Cal State San Bernardino.



Italo, Pablo's partner; Pablo, Ken, Lynn, Bernie, Lynn's partner.



Lynn McMurray is a dear friend.  He and Rich and I went to Russian River together several years ago and had a great time. 

Lynn is just retiring as head of the Dance Department at Glendale College.