Something's Missing


A little boy is abducted; a young man returns years later, angry and resentful.  The journey back into the heart of the family is at the core of this play, celebrating the triumph of friends and family and their power to heal and make whole again a human being faced with horrible hard times and trauma.


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Something's Missing in Dublin



The Glendale College production of Something's Missing traveled to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the summer of 2006.

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Carlo Morelli who played Ryan in the Glendale Production in Edinburgh models the tee-shirt advertising the show which cast and crew members wore at the Fringe.

  Carlo forgot his "little pink striped towel," and important prop in the show.  Parents to the rescue, the Morelli's delivered it to Author Ken Gray to deliver to Scotland.   Marco Navarro ably anchored the technical aspects of the Edinburgh outing.  Here he displays one of the three jewelry boxes he constructed for the production.