Phoebe Firephlox and the Killcrop Kid

    It's not exactly your typical fairytale . . .    

Phoebe's been living in a Redwood tree for over a year, protecting it from the logger's axe.  Now nightmares have driven her out of her tree.  She seeks refuge with her friend, Mark, and gets mixed up in rehearsals for a production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream at a college on the North Coast of California.  Phoebe has always depended upon her brother, Zeke, to get her out of trouble and now her nightmares have him lost to her.  How those passing shades get mixed up with the production of Shakespeare's play, the actors in the play, Shakespeare's fairies and modern day Redwood Sprites is the substance of this play about becoming independent, accepting responsibility for your own life, and healing relationships.